oh how I've met my match..



My best friend, Christina Harrison sent a photo of me with my hair tied in a little red bow to her (now husband's) best friend, his name was Pete. The caption with the photo she sent was "Merry Christmas I have a gift for you and I've even tied her up in a red bow." Christina had mentioned Pete briefly at times, how she thought we should meet, how we had the same inappropriate sense of humor and how he was pretty darn charming and handsome. Our paths finally crossed at a little Cantina on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. I'll never forget when I saw him, he has the most amazing eyes and smile.  He smiled and introduced himself to me and I knew in that moment I was in trouble. The best part was that he was funny, SO funny. To this day, while I always tell him everyone knows I'm funnier, deep down he's got me beat by a long shot.


With each and every month thereafter I grew to love him more and more. The more time spent with him the more I knew this was it for me. I saw his amazing heart and the deep love he has not only for his friends and family but even his genuine kindness to complete strangers. The past 5 ½ years have been the best of my life. It’s crazy when you meet someone who opens your eyes to new life experiences, who is your toughest critic but your biggest supporter. One who loves you for you, even if you insist on wearing oversized, dumpy sweatpants once in awhile. I have truly met my match, and I just can’t wait to be his wife.

put a ring on it



Many, many years back I met Taylor. A beautiful, funny, witty young lady. I knew when I met her that I was in for it (in a good way of course). I  looked at Christina who had introduced us, I remember she smiled because I think she knew as well that we would be great together. Fast forward through the years, all the trips, all the birthdays all the highs and the lows that life threw at us, I knew I had found the one. I found a girl who would always have my back, the girl I wanted to wake up next to everyday for the rest of my life.


The engagement was tricky if you know Tay, a girl who absolutely hates surprises, a born little detective. Case and point as a child Tay used to open her presents before Christmas when no one was looking and re-wrap them because she couldn't take the suspense. So off we head to Catalina Island, one of my and now our favorite places, for our 5 year anniversary. I think she assumed, “This is IT” and although it was, I knew I wanted to make her squirm a little. We camp which is what we normally do, I smuggled the ring in my camera case because naturally I know she may be curious and go digging around. First night we go into town she asks all sorts of questions, "Why aren’t you bringing your bag?" "You don't just want to leave valuables in an unlocked tent like that do you?" 


"Nope, all good Tay, just bringing the camera bag."


I have to admit (and I love you Tay) it was so funny seeing her reaction each time, slowly trying to figure out what was happening in her head like a little girl with the most confused look on her face. Our Anniversary and Valentine’s day came and went. We woke up Sunday as we were heading off to the other side of the Island, Two Harbors, to camp at Little Harbor. As I was cleaning up outside our tent I found a random fortune laying on the ground it read “Enjoy the good luck a companion brings you.” Today was the day.


When we arrived at Little Harbor we set up our tent, it was really just the two of us on this private cove of beach. Being late in the day we weren’t able to do the hike we wanted so I told Tay “Let’s hike up to the top of this ridge and take a photo to remember our 5th anniversary, just you, me and my camera. We hike up to the top, I set up my camera so we can run down a hill towards it and every two seconds it will snap a photo. We hike up I count to 3 and we run……halfway down I drop, Tay thinking I fell turns around and I’m down on one knee…she says YES..and the rest is history.



because There ain’t no party like the bennett wedding party.


Our Story wouldn't be complete without the amazing friends and family who stood by us the whole way. We'd like to introduce you to our wedding parties:




Christina Harrison(Maid Of Honor), Aimee Manganaro, Sarah Manganaro, Holly Sigars, Jordyn Goodman, Amber Hay, Caitlin Quinn, Kelli Getter, Jill Hibbard, Monika Calamita & Farima Nojoumi

Pete's Boys


(David Bennett (Best Man), Guillaume Goulin, Hugo Bordes, Angel Romero, John Romero, Shane Stahl, Mitchell Allen, Taran Stone, Victor Shaw and David Eden.